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Background processing




Background processing


As a requests enters the NRE/VDX system, background processes will pickup the requests and depending on its status or action. NRE/VDX will process them and release them back to the staff user.


Background processes will wake every minute to check if there is something to process. If there is, the back-end processes will process what is in the queue for that process and go back to sleep.


Background process could take a few seconds to a few minutes to process depending on the number of request that need to be processed.





Article Exchange Listener

Process Article Exchange files attached to the request

Copies are pulled from the AE system and inserted into NRE/VDX for distribution.

Circulation Client

Processes NCIP messages

If configured

DocFind Requester

Builds and sorts Lending String/Rota for borrowing requests

Lending String/Rota locations are filtered and sorted.

DocFind Responder

Checks catalog to verify that lending library

- owns the title

- the item is available

- places hold if NCIP is configured

If any of the checks fail the system do one of the following:

1. Answer Non-Supply or

2. Place request in "New Request" queue

General Email Receiver

Receives and processes VDX formatted email requests


Generic Script Driver

Generic Script Receiver

Processes Generic Script protocol email requests


ISO-ILL Driver

ISO-ILL IP Listener

ISO-ILL Mail Listener

ISO-ILL Receiver

Processes ISO ILL requests

Receives and sends ISO ILL requests to external ILL systems

Integrated ILL

Process internal consortia requests


User Alerting Agent

Sends alerts to patrons

If configured











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