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Notes for Rejected Requests





Notes for Rejected Requests

Note to check



<no note displayed>

No matches found against local catalog

Check only performed if a local catalog check is required and no local locations are included in the rota .

Count of requests made exceeds this users quota

This request would exceed the user’s maximum number of requests


Invalid financial period defined for request

Request was not made during valid financial period


Invalid service level

User-entered service level is not valid for this user/location and service type


Item not located : rota is empty

Rota is empty and auto-routing is not set up

The request has been marked for auto-routing by an earlier check but auto-routing has not been set up and the rota is empty.

Local holdings found - User may not request from local libraries

One local holdings found but user is not allowed to borrow locally

Check only performed if no local location is included in the rota but a local catalog check is required


Missing Mandatory data – field name

Mandatory field not present


No valid copyright notice found for this Lender/Responder

A Copyright notice was not found for Responder


This item could not be located

No matches found against remote catalog.

Request rejected when rota is empty and auto-routing is not set up. 

Copyright Breach

The copyright type against which the user is placing a request has been violated by the user.

Set locally, so may not appear if this function is not active

Possible Copyright Breach

The copyright type against which the user is placing a request can not be validated for some reason – e.g. insufficient bibliographic details may mean the item can not be checked to see if it has been previously ordered where the copyright type is fair dealing. Not necessarily a breach, but the system can not be sure on the given information.


This request may be a duplicate of request no: XXXX

(Audit: Messages field)

VDX has located a duplicate request still active for this user.

DocFind-requester needs to be configured to enable this feature (User Loc Defaults: Auto-mediation ).



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