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Batch Processing




This is used when you have the VDX ILL service integrated with Circulation. It enables you to carry out the Shipped and Received actions speedily and efficiently on a physical stack of requested items, by using the ILL Number and Circulation item/barcode number.

Note: If your ILL service is integrated with Circulation and you want to perform some form of batch processing, then you must use this Batch Processing facility, not the alternative Bulk Action (Multiple Request Processing).


Requests are processed one at a time for Shipped or Received, but without taking time to check the database for request details, between entering ILL Number and Item Barcode. When you scan/read the barcode with a carriage return / line feed, the focus moves automatically so that you do not have to tab between inputs. 


For example as the Borrower you have a stack of incoming books in front of you. Each book has a printed slip or binder that has the request number as a Barcode on it. You swipe the request number barcode and then swipe the book item number.


1.Go to the ILL Request Search screen. From the menu items above, select Batch Updates.

2.In the Action field select one of Shipped, Received, Returned, Checked-In.

3.Enter the ILL Number.

4.Scan the Item Barcode with the barcode reader.

5.A single audible beep indicates the transaction was successful and the batch update screen is displayed again with the cursor in the ILL Number field.

6.Enter the ILL Number for the next item and repeat.


1.Batch Updates would normally only be used when you have Circulation and ILL integration. Another alternative for multiple request processing is using Bulk Action. This allows you to search or input the ILL numbers for items and then apply an identical ILL Action, Authorization Status, or Process Status. This method does not use the Circulation item/barcode number.

2.It is now possible to configure the system so that Batch Received, Returned and Checked-in actions can be performed by searching on the circulating item number rather than the ILL request number.

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