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Circulation and ILL Integration




Circulation / ILL Integration

If you use Circulation integration through NCIP you can communicate directly with the local circulation system to determine status of materials, status of patrons, place holds on materials, etc.

The interfaces are designed to work both when VDX is being used as a local document delivery and resource sharing administration system and when it is being used as a resource sharing utility for a consortia. 

NCIP  can be employed for this integration.

All NCIP messaging is initiated by VDX rather than by the circulation system because at this time all NCIP circulation implementations are being built to respond to NCIP messages rather than initiate them. This means that:

a.There are currently no supplier-side circulation initiated overdues or recalls; this will continue to be handled as you do now.

b.There is currently no borrower (requester)-side circulation initiated renewal requests or cancellations; this will be done through ZPORTAL.

Main Features

Patron authentication against local library systems.

At requesting libraries, creating temporary bibliographic and item records, renewing items, and checking them in prior to return are all automated.

At supplying libraries, holding items, checking them in and out, renewing them, and canceling the holds are all automated.

Locations can select which circulation services are available to VDX for their location , allowing libraries to retain manual control of any step if desired.

NCIP messages are logged in the requests log messages to maintain an audit trail of ILL-to-Circulation messaging.

OCLC NRE/VDX Support can be configure VDX so that when local holdings are found, it automatically hands over the ILL Request to the local library management system by using  NCIP. When this happens, the ILL Request displays a Status of Handed over to circulation system. Configuration on the action Hand over to circulation decides whether or not the Request then auto-completes.


Receiving a requested item

Returning a loan item

Shipping a Request

Log Messages

Log messages reporting on circulation / ILL interaction for the current request are displayed at the foot of the Request form under NCIP Messages. For example:

Circ Action Reserve Title for User has succeeded.

Hold on item nnn needs to be manually canceled.

Failed to connect to Circ Server at IP Address nnn.nn.nnn.nn.


CircILL Log Messages Error Types


Error Type

Related Help Text


 The Circ action has been successful


 The system has placed a hold on an item that cannot be automatically canceled – staff must cancel this hold manually


 Communications between VDX and the circ system have been successful. However the circ system was unable to perform the requested action


 Communications between VDX and the circ system have been successful. However the requested action has failed.for some reason.


 Circ action may have succeeded the system timed out waiting for a response from the circ system - please check status of item in circ system before retrying this action


 The system timed out trying to connect to the circ server - you are OK to retry this action. If it continues to fail in this way please contact OCLC.


 The system was unable to connect to the given IP Address - please refer to OCLC before retrying this action


 The VDX Circulation Service configuration contains a missing data element. Please contact OCLC support before retrying this action


 VDX Circulation service configuration contains an invalid data element. Please contact OCLC support before retrying this action.



The system manager can configure how many times VDX retries a failed Circulation transaction, and the actual time intervals between retries.



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