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Shipping a Request




When a lender/responder is physically sending an ILL requested item, the database will need to be updated to reflect this:

1.Load the search screen for the requests domain in the usual way – see ILL Request Search for detailed instructions.

2.In the ILL Requests Search screen find the relevant request record e.g. Status = In Process, Authorization Status = Unread.

3.Locate the item in the hit-list and use the drop down box to select the Shipped action. (See Change Current Service Type if the required Action is not available).

4.The Shipped Action screen displays. The fields displayed on the screen will depend on the setting of the Resource Group Permission ' Show Ship Cost Charge Details' by OCLC NRE/VDX Support.

The fields displayed on the Shipped Action Screen depend on the setting of the Resource Group permission' Show Ship Cost Charge Details' by OCLC NRE/VDX Support.


If this is set to No, the shipped action screen displays any applicable charge schemes in ascending cost order and a simple editable 'Ship Cost'. This would be suitable for libraries / consortia that do not configure shipping costs in their ILL Services records.


If this is set to Yes, the shipped action screen displays:


Chargeable units - can be edited.

Base cost ex tax - can be edited.

Tax Code type - can be edited.

Ship cost ex tax - recalculated by clicking on the Calculate new cost button.

Tax Amount - recalculated by clicking on the Calculate new cost button.

Ship Cost -recalculated by clicking on the Calculate new cost button.

Currency - from the ILL services record


To reset 'system generated' amounts, click on the Reset default cost button.


5.Use the calendar date picker to enter a Due Date and a Public or Private Note if required. The Service Type, Payment Type or Delivery Method can also be updated.  

6.Enter/update charges. Press 'Calculate New Cost' button to recalculate costs (the availability of this option will be dependent on the setup by OCLC NRE/VDX Support).

7.Delivery Method and E-delivery Params are drop down fields but default to the values from the Requesting library.

8.Choose one of the shipped conditions from the pull-down list e.g. Library use only.

9.Number of Items is to indicate the number of physical items you are shipping and defaults to 1. The Requesting library will see this number.

10.If ILL is integrated with the Circulation system you should scan/enter the barcode of the item you are shipping in the Shipped Item field so that it is checked out in the circulation system. (It is possible that the barcode scanner may supply a 'carriage return' or a 'tab' character after the last digit of the barcode - this may need to be turned off (in the scanner) should it cause problems for the browser and/or VDX).Log messages reporting on circulation / ILL interaction for the current request are displayed at the foot of the Request form under NCIP Messages. Circ/ILL Log Message definitions. Disable Circ Action: check this box if you want to disable the normal Circ Action that would take place as a result of this ILL Action on the current Request (by OCLC NRE/VDX Support).

11.Press Ship

Note: The Due Date is from VDX’s defaults based on the default number of loan days specified in the responders location record. To change this, click the Calendar icon. If the date is blanked out, VDX will not supply a due date to the Circulation system and the Circulation system should assign a due date using its policy rules. If a Due Date is supplied, VDX will ask the Circulation system to use the supplied due date (whether the Circulation system honors the request depends on the Circulation system’s capabilities).


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