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Returning a Loan Item




When a loan item is due for return to a lender/responder Location , the Borrower/Requester Location needs to update the database to indicate when the item has been returned. This will send a message to the lender/responder Location, which will automatically update its records to indicate that you have returned the item.


To indicate that a loan item has been returned to the lender/responder Location:

1.In the left hand menu pane click the requests button.

2.Using the ILL Request Search screen find the relevant request record.

3.Locate the item in the hit-list and use the drop down box to select the Returned action .

4.Click the Action button. This displays the Returned Action screen.

5.Enter other details as required.

6.You may have ILL integrated with the Circulation system. If so, the Shipped Item is the item barcode that the ILL staff supplied; the Circulating Item is the barcode that the Circulation system assigned. These two values may be the same (if you Receive an item and enter a Shipped Item barcode, this is passed on to the Circulation system). Log messages reporting on circulation / ILL interaction for the current request are displayed at the foot of the Request form under NCIP Messages. Circ/ILL Log Message definitions. Disable Circ Action: check this box if you want to disable the normal Circ Action that would take place as a result of this ILL Action on the current Request (ability to do this set by OCLC NRE/VDX Support).

7.Click Return to submit the changes to the database.

The request is closed when the responding location confirms with the action RECEIVED.

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[Doc#: 1058 - Returning a Loan Item]





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