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Finding Incoming Requests




As a responding location a regular task is to see what new requests have come to your location. To do this -

1.Click on the Requests icon on the left-hand frame.

2.The Standard ILL Search page has a number of straightforward search options available, e.g. search by Title.

3.Alternatively click on Advanced for a search page containing more refinements, e.g. you can select a suitable status such as In Process or an Authorization Status e.g. Unread

4.Your search results are displayed in a hit-list.

5.Click on the Details button to view more details about the request including the rota .

6.Click on the Print button to print requests individually and use these for shelf-checking.

Viewing requests in detail

After clicking on the details button -

To find the history (audit) of the request, scroll down to the history section.

If there is a note relating to the item requested e.g. edition required, it will be displayed as an item note. If the lender (requester) has sent a note to you as the responder (i.e. a public note), it will be indicated by a click-able icon in the hit-list that displays the note in a pop up. 

To change the process status, select the appropriate action from the pull down list and click on the action button.


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[Doc#: 1065 - Finding Incoming Requests]




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