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Mark Requests Being Dealt With




When an incoming message is received, the request is automatically flagged as Unread. The request will remain Unread until it is manually marked as Read.


In the brief request display, the Mark as Read link is displayed for those requests that have not yet been looked at. The 'read' requests have this option grayed out. This clearly shows which requests have been read and which have not.


In addition, when you click Details to view the request it may be automatically updated to Read - this depends on a Resource Group Permission set by OCLC NRE/VDX Support.


If you do not want the message to be automatically acknowledged, you can leave the screen via the Mark as unread option. This will close the current request display, but will leave the requests Authorization Status as Unread.  


To do this:

1.In the left hand menu pane click the requests button.

2.Using the ILL Request Search screen find the relevant request record.

3.Locate the item in the hit-list and click on the details link to display.

4.Use the Mark as Unread button (next to the Action box) to close.


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[Doc#: 1066 - Mark Requests Being Dealt With]





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