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Daily and Monthly Statistics






Counts are displayed by the VDX location of the user logged in and producing the report. VDX adds up each day’s statistics shortly after midnight for the previous day.

For the monthly statistics each day’s statistics are added automatically just after midnight to the monthly count. Therefore, the figures for the current day are not included.



The day covered by the statistical line.


This counts submitted Z39.50 searches. Each search entry submitted counts as one search even though more than one target (data resource) is selected for the overall search. 




This counts Requests created by this location. Unauthorized Requests are included in this count.   

Shipped Ind.  

This counts Requests where the lender/responder has notified the borrower/requester that the item has been shipped.


This counts Requests that this location processed as Received.




This counts Requests sent to this location as a lender/responder. It includes new requests and requests moving to the next location in its Rota . Requests move to the next CONDITIONAL-NO, CANCEL -YES. location in its Rota for the Actions: NOT SUPPLIED, EXPIRED,    


This counts Requests this location processed as Shipped regardless of the Service Type, such as loan and copy non-returnable.

Not Supplied

This counts Requests this location directly processed as Not Supplied. It does not include the Requests set to this status automatically because they have reached the expiry date at that location.  


This counts Requests this Lender/Responder location allowed to expire by not processing them within the number of days allowed by VDX or for requests that have exceeded the overall expiry period in a need by date limit.


Tip: A request that has gone to multiple locations only counts as 1 request on the borrower/requester side, so 1 request on the borrower/requester side could map onto 4 lender/responder request records, if the request was now on the fourth location in the rota.

[Doc#: 1090 - Daily and Monthly Statistics]





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