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Email Requests





Other Email Formats

VDX can send requests to other targets using their specific Email formats - these are individually defined in the ILL Mail Formats file, see System Administrator’s on-line help. A number of formats are predefined during the installation process e.g.

British Medical Association

CARL UnCover


Royal Society of Chemistry

Test Mail Format



Additional formats can be added as required. The particular format to be used in sending a request is determined by looking at the values present in the Protocol Details of the Locations domain This may be a generic format for all requests or specific formats for different material types.

Automatically processing requests placed by Email

Although no standard protocol exists for Email requests, a number of URLs are included in the outgoing email requests allowing the lender/responder to send an appropriate reply back to the borrower/lender, simply by clicking on the link. These include:


link to ship item

link to not supply the item

link to inform item available for supply (delayed)

link to auto-Receive the item


Once these links are clicked on, the request is updated in VDX with the appropriate action.  

Manually processing requests placed by Email

It is also possible to process responses received from email protocol borrower ‘manually’. This means they can record the state changes in the VDX database to reflect what has actually happened to their outgoing email requests.


When you act on these email requests -


specific actions are provided to enable you to update the status of the request

screens relevant to the action you selected are provided

appropriate ILL messages appear in the history section of the request record

no protocol messaging occurs


To update a request on a request on behalf of a Location using the Generic Script protocol

1.    Locate the relevant request in the Requests domain (the request must have been sent to a Location with the Email Protocol and be in a state of Pending).

2.    Locate the item in the hit-list and use the drop down box to select from the list of available ILL Actions.

3.    Actions include Informed Shipped, Informed Not Supplied and Informed Renewed. You choose the suitable action depending on the lender's (responder's) response. 

Actions available

The following table illustrates the manual specific Actions and screens available to you in this situation:

Your Role 

Lenders (Responders) Protocol 


State Change

Screen Input Elements



Informed Not Supplied

 Pending to Not Supplied

Reason Not Supplied


Public Note


Private Note



Informed Shipped

 Pending to Shipped





Date Shipped


Due Date




Chargeable Units


Insured Amount + Currency  


Shipped Service Type 


Shipped Media Type


Shipped Delivery Method 


Ship Conditions


Public Note


Private Note 



Informed Renewed

 Received or Renew/Pending to Received

These include...


Due Date


Local Due Date


Public Note


Private Note

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