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Field Details:Users




Field Details: Users




User ID

 Internally generated number. Cannot be edited.


 Required field. User’s unique identification to be used when logging in to VDX. Can include both alphabetical and numeric characters and is not case sensitive. Up to 20 chars.


 Optional password to be used in conjunction with a User ID for additional security. Can include both alphabetical upper and lower case and numeric characters. It is case sensitive when logging in.

Confirm Password

 Password must be re-entered for confirmation. 

First Name

 First name of user


 Last name of user


 The user email address is used to alert users of the status of their requests (if configured). 


 Required field. Select a category from the pull down menu. Values are for predefined user categories that determine the privilege level for the user.   

Join Date

 Date the user was added or the beginning of a membership period. Note format DD Mon YYYY. e.g. ‘06 Jan 2019’.  

Expiry Date

 Date the user’s login and access will terminate. Note format DD Mon YYYY – e.g. ‘06 Jun 2024’.  


 The physical location to which the user belongs. Select appropriate value from list. Only users for your own location can be added. 

Banned in VDX

 Select yes or no from the pull down menu. If a value is not selected the default is no. If a user is set to banned then they are unable to log in to VDX or ZPORTAL. 

Has Pre-signed Copyright

 Shows the current status of the user in terms of pre-signing a copyright declaration. This can be set to N: has not signed; Y: has signed. Note: If Pre-signed copyright statements are allowed (as defined in ILL UserLocDefaults) and the User’s ‘pre-signed’ field is changed from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’, then any outstanding requests that are being withheld from processing because they are ‘Awaiting Signature’ are automatically reflagged as ‘Signature Obtained’.  

Default Pickup Location

 The location from which the user collects requests. A value is selected from the list which is configured by OCLC NRE/VDX Support. 

Address Type

 Select a value from the list. Each address must have an address type. 


 Addressee, Library Name, in Care of, etc.

Org, Dept, Bldg etc.

 Org, Dept, Bldg etc.The postal number or house name of the delivery address or the billing address. Up to 240 chars. 

PO Box

 Up to 40 chars


 Up to 240 chars.


 Up to 240 chars.


 Up to 80 chars. 


 Up to 80 chars. 


 Up to 80 chars. 

Post code

 Zip Code - Up to 13 chars. 


 Fax number should be split into relevant section if all parts are required - Country Code, Area Code, Local Number, Extension. 


 Phone number should be split into relevant section if all parts are required - Country Code, Area Code, Local Number, Extension. 


 This E-mail address is potentially used for delivery of electronic documents. Up to 700 chars. 



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