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Filtering Search Results




Filter Options

A search can be filtered by Format (e.g. Article Printed), Language or audience Level in order to narrow the search. A filter can be applied before carrying out an advanced search, or existing search results can be filtered.

1.In the results list click Filter Options at the top of the page.

2.In the Filter options page select the preferred value(s) and click Submit.

3.VDX checks the records and filters out those records whose Format, Language or Audience Level do not match your preferences.

The list of values that you can choose from and the order they are presented in, is dependent on how your local system has been configured. See System Administrator Help: Change Value Sequence for details. Similarly if you do not require filter options the feature can be disabled (SystemConfig.xsl).


If at any time the Total Returned hits do not match the Total Hits figure then clicking on the Get More Hits link at the top of the screen will retrieve more results. Records are displayed in the order that they are returned from the databases.

1 2 3... You can navigate forward and back through the records using the page numbers and the Next button shown at the top and bottom of the screen. Selecting page 2 displays the records on that page, but also updates the results set to enable subsequent pages of results to be displayed.

At any time use the results button to return back to the hit-list at the page where you left it.

When VDX has obtained all the search results and the search is complete it displays the following message at the foot of the screen -

End of Results

Status : Search Complete Total Hits X Total Returned X    


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[Doc#: 1012 - Filtering Search Results]





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