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Web Admin Help

VDX is an inter-lending and document request management system. It provides an interlibrary loan service for use between a collaborative group of institutions and suppliers. This is integrated with Z39.50 searching allowing users to search for bibliographic records, display search results and request delivery of items within the same interface. In all cases VDX uses standard ILL protocols for communicating request messages.


The Web Admin Client is used by ILL Administrators who process interlibrary loan requests on behalf of their end users. Typically end users access searching and ILL request facilities through the 'ZPORTAL' interface or the WorldCat Catalog.


This generic help is to assist you when using the VDX Web Admin Client. Note that there are many configurable features that effect how the web client is used and how it appears. This help suggests when you need to check out local policy.


The first step is log in.



NRE/VDX does not support multiple windows/tabs within the same browser. If you need to have another window open you will need to use another browser 


[Doc#: 1000 - Getting Started]





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