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Logging in




About log in

On the initial VDX screen, the user is given the option to search or to log into VDX. VDX can be used just for searching by clicking the search button.


To use VDX to submit requests for items you must log in to identify yourself to the system.


Login authentication service

All users must be registered on either the VDX system or on a remote database supporting a recognized protocol. If your user record is not stored on the VDX system you will need to link to your record on a local circulation system or another authentication service. You can then authenticate access to VDX against your remotely stored user record. Note that the exact appearance of the login screen and authentication options are determined by local configuration. For example you may or may not have a password box displayed. If only one authentication service is available for your implementation, the drop down box does not display - VDX uses the relevant authentication service automatically. In addition VDX may be configured so that your authentication service is automatically determined by the prefix of your barcode. Please check with your own organization for specific details of your local options.


Login is required to submit requests, track requests, and edit user information.

To log into VDX

1.Click the login button on the left-hand menu bar.  

2.Enter your barcode and password into the input boxes.

3.Select the appropriate authentication service .

4.Click the login button on the bottom of the screen.

 A user who is banned in VDX will not be able to log on to the Web Admin Client or to ZPORTAL. This setting can be switched on or off in the User record in Web Admin.

Screen Layouts

Once a user has logged in to VDX as an ILL Administrator, the menu bar on the left side of the screen is expanded to include options available to that level of privilege. This menu bar remains consistent throughout the VDX session. Additional buttons will also appear on the top menu bar. The top row buttons are content sensitive and will change depending on the functions you are using within VDX. 


[Doc#: 1001 - Logging in]






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