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Search Profiles are used in VDX to present users with Collections of databases. The Collections in Search Profiles are created to reflect the specific interests of groups of users.

As a bare minimum there are two profiles:

The Anonymous User Profile (the search profile presented to a user who does not identify themselves by logging in)

The Default Search Profile (the default profile presented to an identified user, the first time they log in to the system)

A logged in user selects a Search Profile and then carries out searches against them.  When a user with access rights enters the system these profiles are marked as 'shared'. In addition to using the shared Search Profiles provided by the library, you can create your own individual Search Profile.


Access can be assigned to Search Profiles using Resource Groups at the User, User Group, Location, Location Group, Borrower Category or Borrower attribute levels by OCLC VDX Support. These can be used to present only resources that are useful to particular users or groups of users, or in the cost effective management of user licenses, etc.


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[Doc#: 1003 - About Search Profiles]





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