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Using Search Profiles





A search profile determines what Collections of information your search can be executed against. The Collections in Search Profiles are created to reflect specific interests of users by grouping together related targets and databases, and searching them concurrently.

Quick Bibsearch Without Log In

When first accessing the web client if you choose the Bibsearch button rather than the Login button this bypasses log in and gives quicker access to searching only. This takes you directly to a screen where you can use only an anonymous search profile together with its target Collections.

To access the web client anonymously simply ignore the Login button and click immediately on Bibsearch. This takes you straight to Standard Searching.

Accessing the Default Search Profile

To log in you must be a registered user. When first logging in to VDX you are presented with a default profile. Click on Collections to view the target collections in this profile. Once you have initially logged in to VDX, the default Search Profile shown when starting a new session is always the last one you used before logging out of the system.

To Select an Alternative Profile

To choose another Search Profile click the arrow in the Current Profile box. This may list a number of alternative search profiles that you can select from. Select the preferred profile from the drop-down list and the screen will then refresh displaying the new Search Profile. This has now become the default Search Profile until a new one is chosen. To view the target collections available click on Collections.


You can subsequently add your own personal search profile(s).

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