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Cost Adjustment




Cost Adjustment


This action allows the Requesting institution to ask the Supplier whether they are willing to renew the current inter-library loan.


The request will go into a state of Renew-Pending until the supplier responds by sending a Renew-Response = Yes or a Renew-Response = No.


If the Renew-Response = Yes, then the due date of the request should automatically update to the new due date contained in the response.


This action is only available if the shipped-service-type is "Loan"



Original Cost to Requester

Cost originally charged to patron

New Cost To Requester

Enter new cost

Cost Adjustment

Click on "Update Cost", the adjusted cost will be placed here

Update Cost

Click this link to update the "Cost Adjustment" field


Cost Currency

Select currency from the drop-down box

Public Note

Note sent to lender

Private Note

Note that is only seen by borrower

Patron Note

Note patron entered


Submits Cost Adjustment form



Reset form









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