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Informed Shipped




Informed Shipped


If the request has gone to a Location using an Email protocol or the Generic Script protocol, then the requesting location can enter this response 'manually' on behalf of the lender/responder, to indicate the item is not supplied.


This is useful when the responding location is unable to send a response via the VDX system. By using this action the VDX database is still updated and the request moves from Pending to Not Supplied. Suitable fields are made available for you to record relevant information. 



Public Note

Note sent to the lender

Private Note

Note that is only seen by borrower

Patron Note

Note from patron

Our Local Number

If the library uses their own tracking number enter it here.  This field is search-able via the ILL Number search.

Shipped Item

Barcode of item being shipped

Number of Items

Number items in set, defaults to 1

Ship Date

Enter Ship Date or select a date from calendar


Due Date

Enter Due Date or select a date from calendar


Media Type

Select Media Type from drop-down box

Delivery Method

Select Deliver Method from drop-down box

E Delivery Params


Delivery Locator



Select Conditions from drop-down box


Write description here...



Clear form











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