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Local Change Request Details




Local Change Request Details


This action allows both the Lender/Responder or more usually, the Borrower/Requester to update the bibliographic or service details of the request without this information passing to the other party in the current transaction.


On the borrower side any such changes will be reflected in any subsequent transactions sent to a lender for this request. Lender changes to requests will stay with the lender and will not be returned to the borrower.



This page has many sections and fields.  I have broken the documentation into the 7 sections below. Staff users have the ability to collapse the sections by clicking on the arrow next to the section to open and collapse the sections.  NRE/VDX will remember these settings the next time the user logs in.


All sections collapsed.


Request Details


Authorisation Status

This is normally set one of two ways:

- Authorised: process request as is and do not sent through DocFIND Requester to build the Rota and add defaults

- To Be Authorised: Send through DocFIND requester to build Rota and add defaults.

Item Format

Defaults to what was set in the Z39.50 search or you can select a format from the drop-down list



Item Details


Our Local Number

The libraries Local Number if one is assigned.  This number is indexed and can be searched via the ILL No search

Bibliographic Details

Bibliographic details passed with the request or manually entered

Item Note

Item note set to the lender




Lender String Details



After a Search has been done a list of available locations that hold the item will be listed here


Click "Add" after highlighting a location you want to add to the lending string/Rota.  After clicking on the "Add" the location will be moved to the "Selected" list



On the "Selected" side highlight the location you want to remove from the lending string/Rota.  This will "Remove" the location and move it to the Available side.



Locations in this list are selected for the lending string/Rota.  The order of the list will determine the order the requests are sent to the locations


Highlight a location in the selected list and click on the "Up" link to move the location up the lending string/Rota



Highlight a location in the selected list and click on the "Down" link to move the location down the lending string/Rota


Select All

Click on this link to select all locations in the "Available" list


Deselect All

Click on this link to deselect all locations in the "Available" list


Library symbol or location name

Enter the library description or OCLC/NLC symbol to search for. The locations found will be displayed in the "Available" section


This submits the search form







Private Note

Private note for this requests. Will be displayed only to staff.



Patron Details


User ID

User barcode with out prefix if one has been assigned


Click on the "Validate" link to verify that the patron barcode is in the NRE/VDX database. If the patron is not in the NRE/VDX database you can add a patron to the NRE/VDX database


Patron Email

If the patron has an email address it will be displayed here.  If the validated barcode

Amount willing to pay

Enter the amount the patron is willing to pay if there is a charge for the item


Select the currency of the amount willing to pay



Additional Service Details


Service Level

Service level, normally it is defaulted to "Normal - Local Search"

Can Hold

This field is not used

Max Cost

Max cost library is willing to pay for item


Currency of the "Max Cost"

Need By Date

The patron needs the item before this date.  If the item is not received by this date the request stops.


Expiration Type

This is how the expiration date is calculated.  For example "Calc From Expiry Days" will use the "Response Interval" and add that number to the current date to get the expiration date that is sent to the lender

Response Interval

Number of days the request will be with the lender




Delivery Details



Delivery Method

Request delivery method.

Pickup Location

Location patron wants to pickup item.  This will print on the pickup list


Submits the form



Clears form













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