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This action allows the Lender/Responder to state that the item has been sent to the borrower/requester.


In a copy transaction, this message terminates the transaction for the Responder.


In a loan transaction, this status of SHIPPED remains the same until the lender/responder admits to having lost the item or item is checked back in to the responding ill department. 



Public Note

Note sent to borrower

Private Note

Note that is only seen by lender

Our Local Number

If you assign your own tracking numbers you can enter it here. This field is search-able via the ILL Number search

Service Type

Service type of request.

Item Barcode - Lender

Enter the barcode of the item shipped

Number of Items

Enter the number of items in the set, defaults to one

Ship Date

Date item was shipped.  Defaults to today

Due Date

Item Due Date

Media Type

Select media type from drop-down box if it is different than the default

Delivery Method

Select delivery method from drop-down if it is different then the default

E Delivery Params

Write description here...


Write description here...


Clear Form



Submit the Shipped form










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