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Circulation Queue (NCIP)





Circulation Queue

Your system has been configured so that when local holdings are found, VDX automatically hands over the ILL Request to the local library management system by using NCIP. This a diagnostic aid for sites using Circulation / ILL integration. If this queue gets very large - or has requests in it, the problem could be that a NCIP Server is down.


From the Work Queue click on "Circulation Queue" or the Count link.


Clicking on the work queue item performs a filtered search for the category selected.


You will be presented with a list of requests. Each request will have a drop-down box and an action button.  The actions in the drop-down will depend on the work queue item selected.


Circulation Queue will have the following ILL Actions:


The actions in this queue will depend on the status of the request.  This queue is available on both the Borrower and Lender sides. The reason the items are in this queue is that they are waiting for their NCIP messages to be picked up by the Circ System.  Do not action a item waiting in this queue.


Why are their items in this queue?

ILS NCIP server may be off-line.

If the NRE/VDX system is a consortia system and more then one of the libraries use the NCIP service, If one ILS NCIP service goes down it may slow down processing for the others.


If you find that your request are taking more then 30 minutes to process please contact NRE/VDX support. They can verify if a NCIP service is down and notify the library or consortia help desk.









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