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Search results





Search results (Hit List)


These results are returned by clicking on a work queue item/count or performing an advance or simple search.  All work queue items will return requests in this format.




Form Title

The title of the Work Queue item that was selected


Sort List

User has the option to sort the returned list using two levels


Bulk Action

Use the "Select all" to check all the boxes on the page.  "Deselect all" will un-select the items.  The "Bulk Action" button will take you to a "Bulk Action" form



The text displayed here will depend on how your system is configured.


Request numbers and Location

The text displayed here will depend on how your system is configured.  Normally it will have the NRE/VDX ILL number, Our (your) request number, Their (the library you are interacting with) request number and then the libraries descriptions


Bibliographic Details

This is the bibliographic details of the request


Status Details

The current status and authorization of the request. Along with the last action taken and the Rota/lending string position



Drop-down of available actions for the request.  The most relevant action will be on top



Click this link to display the request details


Mark as Read and Print

You can mark the request as read or click on details which will automatically mark the request as read.  "Print" will print the request












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