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Problem Report Form


Once the form is submitted the email address entered in the form will receive a copy of the email sent to support.


Where a consortia have their own help desk, the email may be sent to the local help desk for them to respond to.  Your help desk will submit the issue to OCLC support if they need assistance.




Message type

Leave the default "Problem/Question" radio button selected


Message Box

Describe the problem/question in the edit box. Please remember to include the request number(s) and steps to recreate the issue. The minimum required details is the request number.

Select file to upload

You can attach up to 5 files to the issue. If you are including a screen shot, please include the whole screen including the URL at the top and the server details at the bottom.  Selecting small areas of the page does not really help us investigate the issue.

Contact name

Enter your name (required)

E-mail Address

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Submits the form










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