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Adding bibliographic details




This section contains notes about some of the bibliographic details for the request. When creating a request from retrieved catalog details, the main bibliographic details are copied from the retrieved record into the ILL request, including holdings details. Any of the bibliographic information can be changed - see Completing the request form.

Request Form Layouts

When creating a new Request, you can choose the preferred format for the item using a drop down list number of Item Formats. When you select the required Item Format, the screen re-displays to show the appropriate fields for that format. The Item Formats are organized as follows:

Book, Book on CD/Tape, Braille Book, Part of Book, Patent, Report

Article On-line, Article Printed, Ejournal, Print Journal

Sheet Music

Video DVD, Computer File, CD-Rom

Music CD

Depending on the Item Format you select, the screen re-draws and presents more relevant field labels. In the case of Sheet Music, a number of fields unique to sheet music requests are present.


See Field Details: Item Details for explanation of the fields available.

Note types supported in VDX

Five different types of note are supported:

Item Note - This is treated as being part of the bibliographic description of the requested item and it is displayed wherever the request’s bibliographic details are displayed. It is always sent as part of the Request message to all lenders in the rota. It can be entered in a new request in the 'Item Note' field. It can be viewed on the brief display under the heading 'Notes' or on the full request display under 'Item Notes'. 


Private Note - This is a note that is never sent to anyone. It is used locally by the ILL staff managing a given request. Private notes can be entered in a new request in the 'Private Note' field. In addition to adding a private note using the 'Add private note' action, an opportunity to add a private note is available when using all other actions. A private note can also be added to a record when amending details using the 'local change request details' action. Notes added can be viewed on the full request display under the heading 'Private Notes'. 


Public Note - This is a note that goes directly to the current lender/responder location. Public notes can be added using the 'Send Public Note action' or entered as part of another ILL Action. Public notes can be viewed on the full request record under the heading 'Public Notes'. The Public note also displays who the note was from.


Patron Note - This is a note that is created by the borrowing staff to send directly to the patron who placed the request. Staff can create Patron Note by using the 'Send Patron Note' action, which allows the staff user to type in a note. This will be sent to the patron associated with the current request as a User Alert. Staff can configure default text associated with this User Alert - that will include the newly entered Patron Note. Patron notes are listed in the full request display. 


Client Note - When the end user / patron in ZPORTAL enters Special Instructions, these appear in Web Admin when you choose the REQUEST Action. They are displayed in the Client Note field with the option to click on Copy to item note. This copies the instructions to the Item Note field and makes them visible to potential Lender(s).

Call Number

This is a read only field that is automatically populated to contain the call number from the current rota position.

Select all button

This relates to the holdings information displayed on the request when the details have been copied from a retrieved bibliographic record. You can choose whether or not the holdings at a particular location should be used to populate the rota information. The select all button simply checks all the Add to Rota boxes in one go.


How to edit Control Numbers

As a matter of course control number details are sent with the request message if the docfind-requester driver is running at your organization. At the foot of the main page there is a list of 'national' numbers - these national numbers are those whose owning location is 'well known' either because they are in the IPIG list of well known agencies or because they come from a national bibliographic agency. If so the national control number is populated in the National Control Numbers box after the request has been saved. You can select one of these and view or edit it or create a new one. To add or edit national control numbers you use the Main page. (If you enter local control numbers on the Main page then the local numbers are sent to all the locations listed in the rota positions box). When you enter local control number details using the rota page this ensures the local control number only goes to the relevant location on the rota and not to all locations on the rota.

Tip: VDX displays a warning message if you mistakenly enter the same control number twice or miss any required field.

Note: When you save the request, Docfind-Requester locates suitable holdings records and fills the rota. National and Local control numbers are potentially displayed for each Location on the rota. However even though the same control number may be found at several locations, VDX de-duplicates these so that a unique control number only appears once. 


To add 'global' (national) control number details - 

1.For a national control number, in the Details section set the Rota Position to All.

2.Enter the national control number in the Control Number field.

3.Select the relevant value from the Well Known Location box (Location Symbol is not used for a national number).

4.At the foot of the screen click the add button.

5.The new control number appears in the National control numbers box.


Tip: Before starting - in order to clear any currently displayed data from the Details section click on the reset button at the foot of the page.


To update control number details -

1.In Control Numbers: National, select the control number to be updated.

2.The current rota details relevant to this control number are displayed under Details.

3.In the Details section enter the new details in the Control Number field, and Location Symbol or Well Known Location.

4.At the foot of the screen click the update button.

5.This updates the Control Number field with the latest information.



To delete control number details - 

1.Under Control Numbers select the number to be removed.

2.The control number details are displayed under Details.

3.At the foot of the screen click the delete but


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