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Sometimes the Collections accessed by VDX may not be available due to circumstances outside the control of VDX. During a current search if you want to check on the up to date status of each database in a Collection click on the status button at the top of the page. The status of each target in the Collection is then displayed.

The following reports on availability and status of each database will then show:

Complete: All available hits have been returned

Presenting: Search results are still being returned from the database

Connecting: The system is still attempting to connect to the database

Error: There has been an error connecting to the database

Unsupported: The database is operational, but does not support the current type of search


 Any searches undertaken will only be retained until the user logs out. If searches are required for a longer period then they must be saved.

Tip: If there is an error in returning results from one or more databases and results from that database are required, the search can be saved and then re-run at a later date when the service becomes available again.

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[Doc#: 1015 - Search Status]





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