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Searching and viewing locations





Click the location button in the left-hand menu bar to display the Location Search screen.

Select your search criteria from the Search pull down box: 

Tip:Location Symbol – You can enter an official symbol for the location as the basis for the search. This is the recognized code for that location as designated by the ISO Naming Authority. The list of official naming authorities can be viewed on the ISO Protocol Register:


Location Code

This is the unique ID used for the location by the VDX database.  

Location Symbol

Other symbols, such as an OCLC or NUC symbol, by which a location may be identified; this includes OCLC Registry ID if found in the OCLC Policy Directory.

Short Description

This is the short description used to describe the location in the VDX database.

Long Description

This is the long description used to describe a location in the VDX database.

1.Enter your search terms into the free text search box.

2.Select the appropriate radio button from the Match options

3.Click submit to display results in a hit-list. 


From the hit list click the details button to view the location record.

If you click Own Services you can view information on the service you receive from that location.

In the Services screen, click on Attributes to view more information on the service available from a site. Service Attribute Details are also available to view.

When finished click either Own Services on the top menu bar to return to that screen, or click Results to return to your original search results.


 you can only view details for other locations – you cannot edit them, but you can edit your own Location record.

Location details supplied by ISO requests

VDX may be configured to create Location records based on the data from incoming ISO Requests.

This feature is further enhanced if a Location is present in the OCLC Policies Directory - location details are retrieved from the directory using the OCLC library symbol that came with the Request. The following details are displayed in Web Admin:

full name of the library

delivery, requester and return to addresses

librarian contact details

OCLC Registry ID and library symbol


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