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Editing your own library's location details




This section explains how to enter details about your location and how to record the services you offer to other locations/libraries.  

To view your own location record

To view the Location record for your own location: 

1.Click on Location on the right hand menu bar.

2.Click on Edit Own at the top of the screen.

The following fields can be edited through the web admin client:

Interloan Status

The interloan status indicates whether your location participates in ILL and, if so, what role it plays.

To update your own library's status:

1.Click on the arrow in the interloan status drop down box.

2.Select from Responder and Requester, Requesting Only or Responder Only.

3.If your location does not participate in ILL, select Not an ILL Participant.

4.Click on Save to record any changes.


A variety of addresses can be included in a location record (for example Delivery, Billing, Contact, Pickup). All addresses specified for your location can be viewed on the location page. 

Tip: The address display can be expanded /'folded' up by clicking on show/hide option besides each address.  


To create a new address from 'your own location' screen:

1.Click on the New Address button.

2.Select Address type from the list in the pull-down box. A list of standard types are provided but new ones can be added therefore check with your local organization.

3.Enter address details.

4.Click Save to save the address and open a new Address window. Click Save & close to save the address record, close the New Address window and return to the own location screen.

To delete an address from 'your own location' screen:

1.Click on the Delete address button against the address to be removed.

2.Click OK to confirm that you wish to delete the record.


You can also edit the service record at your location. This records the services that you provide to other locations/libraries. You cannot edit the services provided from other locations to your location, you can only view them.


You can also edit the list of holidays and library suspension periods for you library.


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