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Viewing and editing your Services records

The services section of your own Location record is where you will record the various services you offer to other locations/libraries. Services information includes service types, service levels, costs and so on. Other locations using VDX will use this information in your services record to determine what order to place your location on a rota . You need to be logged in as a user with high privileges to do this.

1.Click the location button in the left-hand menu pane to display the Location Search screen.

2.Click the own services button on the top menu bar to display your services record.

3.Click the edit button to change your services record.

Viewing other location services

You can also view the services that other locations provide to you when you request from them. You cannot edit the services provided by other locations however.

1.Click the location button in the left hand pane.

2.In the Location Search screen search for the location of interest.

3.If your search produces only one record click the results button to display the brief details .

4.From the Results page click services on the location you wish to view.

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