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Configuring the Work Queue display




Work Queue Edit option


The statuses visible on the Work Queue  page can be configured through the Web Admin interface. ILL staff can select which of the currently available statuses they wish to see on the Work Queue display. For example, ILL staff processing incoming requests may only want to see the Lender work queue.


To configure your own Work Queue: 

1.Access the Work Queue e.g. by selecting Work Queue from the left hand pane.

2.Select Work Queue Edit option from the top of the screen.

3.A list of possible statuses will be displayed.

4.To select a status, click on 'selected?' box.

5.To save the current selection, click on Save. 

Tip: blank lines can be selected / deselected, so that you can line up similar actions in the Lender and Borrower columns.  


The selected work queues are local to the current logged in user account, and are persistent between login sessions.



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[Doc#: 1049 - Configuring the Work Queue screen]




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