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Work Queues




Work Queues allow you to see a snapshot of the current ILL workload both as a borrower/requester and a lender/responder. The Work Queue display shows a list of statuses and the total number of requests currently at each status .       

How to access a work queue

Work queues can be accessed:

directly using the Work Queue button in the left hand pane

from Requests display:

          1. Click on the Requests button in the left hand pane.

          2. Click on Work Queue from the options at the top of the screen.

What is displayed?

Borrower Work Queue: This displays outgoing requests where your location is the borrower (requester). The queue gives an overview of the status of currently active requests: Default Work Queue for Borrowers

Lender Work Queue: This displays requests that have been sent to your location to be supplied i.e. your location is the lender/responder. The queue is designed to provide the Lender with a list of requests that require some kind of immediate attention: Default Work Queue for Lenders


The report tabulates the number of incomplete requests for the location of the user logged in to VDX. They are grouped by the request status, in work-flow order. The number in the Count column is the sum of requests for each status.  


If a location has no requests in a certain status, that status will not be on the work queue.


Reports: The items in the report section are dependent on what has been configured for your system by OCLC NRE/VDX Support. For example the Picklist report allows you as the responding location to print incoming request records in order to facilitate pulling the material from the shelves.




Viewing and processing requests in the Queue

To view brief details of requests, click on the number in the Count column of the work queue. From this screen, you can click the Details button or perform an Action on the requests.


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[Doc#: 1045 - Work Queues]




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