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A number of reports can be run from the VDX Web Client. To access these-

1.Click Reports in the list of menu options on the left.

2.This displays the ILL Reports screen.

3.Click the radio button next to the report you wish to run.

4.Valid criteria include:

Start Date and End Date  Note the date format: 10 JAN 2021

Start Date only

End Date only

Null Dates (includes all requests)

5.Click Generate Report to execute the report.

6.Click the Reports option again to re-run a report. VDX retains the run details between reports for the duration of your user session.

The majority of reports output the data in simple text format. However the reports prefixed by 'Standard...' output in PDF format. These reports can be changed to suit requirements by editing the appropriate style sheet. (Contact your implementation consultant).


There are different types of reports available -

Summary of standard reports

How to re-run a previously generated report - Batch Re-runs

View current requests workload - Work Queues

Run 'Book slip' style reports on individual Requests from the Request Details page: Monitoring Incoming Requests; Monitoring Outgoing Requests.



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 [Doc#: 1087 - About Reporting]






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