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Advance request search





Advance request search


Your Library's Role

Select the role you would like to search:

- Lender, search only lender side request records

- Borrower, search only borrower side request records

- Both, search both lender and borrower request records


Radio buttons will only allow one selection



What to display

Select what request to display:

- Display sent messages only -  Excludes requests that have not been transmitted for example "Idle"

- Display Terminated requests - Display requests that patrons have terminated (no longer need)

- Display Not Supplied requests - Display non-supplied requests

- Search Bureau,  Search for records that belong to the locations in the Bureau (if configured)


Check one or more boxes if required



Display Completed Requests

How do you want to handle completed requests?

- Do not include Completed requests

- Display Completed requests

- Completed requests only


Radio buttons will only allow one selection



Other fields

Select fields to be searched:

Common fields that are searched

- Request IDs - NRE/VDX ILL Number

- Supplier Reference - External system ILL number for example OCLC request number will look like this -

- Title /Author Keyword - Title or Author keyword

- ISBN / ISSN - ISBN or ISSN number

- Date Created - Date request was completed. For example, for one specific date use this format:  6 JUN 2020 . If for a date range use this format 1 JUN 2022 - 6 JUN 2022



Sort, Format and Number of records per page

Staff can sort list, select a print format and select the number of items on a page


Request Status

Select one or more status to filter on.  To select more then one hold down the "ctrl" key and click on the statuses you want to select


Other Filters

Request can also be filtered by:

Authorisation Status -  Select one status from the drop-down box. See Authorisation Statuses  for more details

Last Action - Filter request on the last action performed on the request.

Any Action - Filter request based on the current action

Service Level - Filter requests based on the current service level

Log Message Type - Filter request based on a log message

Format - Filter requests based on the format.  To select more then one hold down the "ctrl" key and click on the formats you want to select




Search button to submit the search


Reset Form

Use this link to clear the form.











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