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Adding Service Details




When viewing a current request, scroll to the Service/Additional Service Details sections if you want to display and modify services information. If configured, this displays many defaulted values. See Completing the request form

Service Type, Media Type

The Service Type preferences fields allows you to specify what type of service you prefer, e.g. loan or non-returnable copy. 3 levels of preference are provided so that you can give the Lender/Responder Location alternative options if it cannot provide the preferred service.


VDX will default the Service Type fields based on the item format of the item being requested. This default is set up by OCLC NRE/VDX Support. You can change the default Service Type by highlighting a different selection from the pull down menu:

Enter loan if you wish to borrow the original item (which will need to be returned to the supplier when you are finished). Generally you will select loan for monograph material such as books, CDs, and audio tapes

Select copy if you wish to receive a copy of the item (which will NOT need to be returned to the supplier). The copy may be supplied as a physical item (i.e. photocopy) or electronically (i.e. via VDX) depending on the preferred delivery method set up by your system administrator. Generally you will select copy when requesting a specific article from a journal or a small section or chapter of a book.

On saving the record, VDX will supply a default media type and a default service level.


The Media Type preferences field can be used to specify what the patron /end user would like to have delivered, e.g. photocopy or printed. Whereas Item Format is derived from the bibliographic record, Media Type describes what the patron/end user would like to be delivered. For instance, the patron may locate a printed Journal, but actually be asking for a photocopy or machine readable version. 7 levels are provided so that you can give the Lender/Responder Location alternative options if it cannot provide the item in the preferred format. Enter further Media Type preferences if required by using the pull down box and selecting the required option(s).


Additional Service Details

Service Level: The Service Level preference field is used to indicate the specific service required in speed and scope of search, e.g. Express-Local Search etc.

Tip: Service Type preferences, Media Type and the Service Level preferences have a VDX default setting that will be automatically entered by the system once the record has been saved, so these preferences should only be selected and entered if you want to override the default setting. For specific details of the Service Type, Media Type and Service Level preference options available to you locally, please check with your own organization.


Need By Date: You may require the item by a certain date, use the calendar date picker to select a date.


Delivery details

Select the appropriate Requested Delivery Method from the predefined list e.g. Postal Delivery, e-mail, FTP.


Copyright options

VDX has a number of options available for dealing with copyright. Copyright settings are configured by OCLC NRE/VDX Support. Client and will then appear automatically in request forms completed by both ILL Administrators and End Users in ZPORTAL. VDX can be configured to accept combinations of different types of copyright (e.g. copyright cleared, fair dealing etc.) and also to accept a spectrum of responses from electronic signatures to prompting for a paper signature to be received before documents are released to end users. The range of options is available to reflect the current situation with regard to international and national copyright laws and local procedures within an organization.


Different copyright settings can be assigned to different users and user groups. If a user’s copyright options are changed after a request has been made – for example if a status was originally that a paper signature was required, but changes after a request has been placed, to a status where no signature is required, then the new preference settings will be automatically applied to all outstanding requests.


If the selected copyright policy is breached or is suspected of being breached, then EITHER the request will be assigned a status of ’Check Manual’ so that admin staff can deal with the breach OR the request will move to an alternative copyright policy – for example:


a ’Fair Dealing’ request that breaches the set terms of fair dealing could be set to automatically transfer to being ’Copyright Cleared’

for U.S. copyright law VDX assumes users have Compliance with Copyright Guidelines (CCG) as the default fair dealing subtype. If this is breached then the default breach action normally configured would be for the copyright policy on the request to flip automatically to Compliance with Copyright Law (CCL).  


These options are configured by OCLC NRE/VDX Support and will differ according to local laws and organizational policies/procedures. For details on the specific copyright settings used within your own organization, check your own local proceedings.  

B.L. Secure Electronic Delivery

To use the new British Library’s Secure Electronic Delivery Service-


1.Set the Service Type preference to 'BL SED'.

2.Set Delivery Method to 'Electronic Mail'.

3.Set the Service Level to either ’BL 2 hour Delivery’ ’BL 24 hour Delivery’ or 'BL Standard Delivery’.




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