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Supplying a document via Web Delivery




Web delivery allows a document to be 'delivered' directly to the end user's desktop. Rather than sending the document to the requesting library, the lender/responder transmits an email directly to the end user, which includes an URL link to the requested document. Clicking on the URL link takes the end user back to the lender/responder website where the document can be viewed and/or printed, but not downloaded. The documents are usually in a secure PDF format. The main advantage for the supplier is that the electronic version of their document remains under their control.


The request must fulfill the following conditions before Web Delivery can be used:

The ILL Status must be In Process

The Service Type must be Copy Non Returnable

The Delivery Method is WebPDF

There is an email delivery address in the request

Preparing the document


Before adding the URL link to a request, the responding library should:

Scan a copy of the requested document  

To link the document to the request


In the Web Admin client, first select an incoming copy request. If a document is to be linked to the request, then the add  button will be displayed in the hit-list. A document can then be linked to a request as follows:

1.Use the ILL Request Search screen to locate the ILL request.

2.In the hit-list click add to display the Request Details. Scroll down this page until you reach the Document Details.

3.You can enter a file path to the document stored in VDX's document store. Alternatively you can use the browse button to locate the relevant file from your document store.

4.A standard Windows file dialog is now displayed.

5.Select the file by pressing the Open button.

6.Having selected the required document, use the attach button to link the requested document to the current request.

7.This causes a document details form to be displayed ILL Attachment Details where specific disposal conditions and copyright texts may be added to the document information.

8.Select the appropriate Doc Disposal Condition (if required) and enter a copyright statement (this can be left blank).

9.Finally hit the Save button to store this information in the database.

The name of the document and its transmission status is now displayed under the 'attached documents'. You will see a hot link which, when followed, will display the inserted document.

Note: When a document is attached, VDX will convert a tiff document into PDF format. It will also create a URL and an access key.

Click on the hot-linked document name to view the document on-line.

Click on the Details icon to view and/or edit the ILL Attachment details.

Click on the cross icon to delete the Attached Document.

Transmitting the document


The document is 'transmitted" using the SHIPPED action. This sends a user alert to the end user's email delivery address. The user alert includes the DocFetch URL and an access key. The base URL within the VDX System Globals record in VDX.

The access key is in the format of a user name and password.


Authenticating use


The end user retrieves the document by clicking on the URL link. The user is prompted for a user-name and password which are used for authenticating the user. Depending on local copyright laws, a copyright notice may be shown. The end user will need to acknowledge this copyright warning notice before the document is displayed. The requested document is then displayed. WebPDF documents are subject to the same access limits as other forms of on-line documents. See Deleting a document 


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[Doc#: 1076 - Supplying a document via Web Delivery]





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