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Deleting a Document




Limits placed on viewing a received document

Before allowing a user to view a document, VDX will check first whether the requesting user is entitled to access the document. Limits may be set up in VDX that control viewing in one of the following ways:

A maximum number of viewings (from 1 to 999, independent of the type of on-line access e.g. Web Admin. Client or DocFetch) 

A maximum number of days from the first access by the end user (from 1 to 999 days)

A maximum number of days from notification of arrival to the end user (from 1 to 999 days)

Once a limit has been exceeded, the end user will not be offered a document view hot-link. 

Automatic Deletion by the Borrower/Requester

'Automatic deletion' can be set up in VDX. Once a document has reached one of the viewing limits set in VDX, it will be picked up and deleted from the borrower/requester’s database on a nightly basis.  

Automatic Deletion by the Borrower/Responder

'Automatic Deletion' can also be set up on the Responders system to delete documents when the request satisfies one of the following criteria:

Request status is Canceled

Request status is Received

Request status is Shipped and a library-defined number of days has passed

Documents meeting one of these criteria are deleted on a nightly basis. 

Note: Depending on library-defined settings, this process may also delete document meta-data from the request e.g. title of the document, the number of times viewed and when the document was delivered.

Manual Deletion of a Document

A manual delete option is provided. A warning is displayed if the document has not yet been viewed by the end user. 


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[Doc#: 1079 - Deleting a Received Document]





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