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Attaching an Electronic Document




Article Exchange (AE)

To attach an electronic document to a request in the Web Admin.Client you can specify a document path from which the document may be retrieved into VDX.


The request must fulfill the following conditions before a document can be ’inserted’ into it:

The ILL Status must be 'In Process’

The Service Type must be ’Copy Non Returnable’

The Delivery Method should be EMAIL or FTP

The Borrower's/Requester Delivery Address must be an Email or FTP address

To add a document to a request

In the WebAdmin client, first select an incoming copy request. The following describes how to attach an electronic document in response to a request for an electronic copy from a requesting location. In the hit-list the add button appears where this is a valid action.

1.Use the ILL Request Search screen to locate the ILL request.

2.In the hit-list click add to display the Request Details. Scroll down this page until you reach the Document Details.

3.This prompts you to enter a file path to the document stored in VDX's document store. Alternatively, you can use the browse button to locate the relevant file from your document store.

4.A standard Windows file dialog is now displayed.

5.Select the file by pressing the Open button.

6.Having selected the required document, use attach to link the requested document to the current request.

7.This causes a document details form to be displayed - ILL Attachment Details, where specific disposal conditions and copyright texts may be added to the document information.

8.Select the appropriate Doc Disposal Condition (if required) and enter a copyright statement (this can be left blank).

9.Finally hit the Save button to store this information in the database.

The name of the document and its transmission status is now displayed under the 'attached documents'. You will see a hot-link which, when followed, will display the inserted document.

Click on the hot-linked document name to view the document on-line.

Click on the Details link to view and/or edit the ILL Attachment details.

Click on the cross icon to delete the Attached Document.


When this request is actioned as SHIPPED, the appropriate VDX document delivery driver will transmit the attached document to the Borrower/Requester.

 Note that document viewers are hard-coded into the Web Admin.Client, and the following subset of file formats are currently supported:



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[Doc#: 1074 - Attaching an electronic document]





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