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Viewing a Received Document




Via Web Admin or ZPORTAL

When an electronic document arrives to satisfy a request, the request is set to RECEIVED so that you are alerted to process it. If permissions allow, end users using ZPORTAL can click on the document link in the request display to view the document on-line within their current browser session. VDX will check first as to whether the requesting user has already accessed the document more than the permitted number of times. 

Processing of received document

On receipt of the document via AE, VDX will then be matched with the relevant request. It will be stored in a predefined location which could be within the database, or on a local or remote file store. An access key will be generated as part of this process.  

To view the document in Web Admin

1.Click the requests button.

2.Search for the request, e.g. filtering on Borrower/Requester (outgoing requests).

3.In the hit list locate the required request and click the details button.

4.In the ILL Request details screen click the documents button.

5.In the Documents screen you can click on the electronic document in order to view it.   

Via Email

The VDX User Alerting Agent can be configured to incorporate the delivered document as an attachment to the ‘Document Received’ user alert. Very often though, local copyright rules will prohibit this form of document delivery.

Via URL to document stored on the borrower's system 

The document is then made available to the end user by notifying them of the document's URL. VDX can send the user a Document Received user alert that will include this URL and the access key. This is provided that the following is configured by OCLC NRE/VDX Support:

the DocFetch program has been enabled 

the Document Receiver program has been configured to cooperate with the DocFetch program 

the Received User Alert has been configured to include the DocFetch URL and authentication fields 

To view a document, the user clicks on the embedded URL in the User Alert. If this URL contains a userid, VDX will use it to authenticate the user by calling EZproxy with the User Token and getting back a user object.

If a userid is not sent as part of the URL, VDX will prompt the user for the access key and authenticate it against the key held in the database.

Depending on local copyright laws, VDX may display a copyright notice. The end user must acknowledge this copyright warning notice before the document is presented.


As with the other end user document delivery methods, VDX will check the number of times this user has tried to access this document before it displays the document to them.

Via URL to document stored on the lender's system 

VDX now supports the 'WebPDF' delivery method. The actual document remains with the responder and VDX 'delivers' it by sending an email to the requester’s email delivery address (either to the requesting library or the requesting patron). This mail contains a URL and an access key. To view the document, the requester clicks on the URL provided in the mail. When VDX receives an incoming 'docfetch' URL, it will either try to authenticate the user (if the URL contains userid) or prompt for the access key and check this against the key held in the database.


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