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All users must identify themselves to the VDX system in order to access request facilities. Types of Users in VDX can include: 

End Users. In most organizations it is likely that end users use the ZPORTAL application to search and make requests. These user records and the requests placed via ZPORTAL can be viewed and processed by the Web Admin.Client .

ILL Administrators (Staff). They use the VDX Web Admin.Client in order to search and process requests.


When your VDX system is first installed a number of steps have already been taken which are relevant to user registration. VDX users who are System Administrator /s and ILL Administrator/s have already been created. As part of this process a number of User Categories and User Groups exist on the VDX system. These determine what level of access and permissions specific users have in the Web Admin Client. These categories are created in line with the procedures and policies of your own organization, so please check locally for further details .


In general there are several ways for users to be registered within NRE/VDX:

User Details records can be imported from some other external database. This should be discussed with OCLC NRE/VDX support. 

User Details records can be created by administrative users through the Web Client.

Whenever a user logs in to VDX for the fist time by using a remote authentication service (e.g. supporting SIP1, SIP2 or LDAP protocols) a brief user record is created in the VDX database. Whenever the user logs in via this method it may also cause the brief user record to be updated by new data from the remote authentication service.

ILL Administrators have permissions assigned to them by OCLC NRE/VDX Support to enable them to modify or create user records. 


What Can ILL Administrator (Staff) Users Do? 

Search and edit existing User Details records at your location.

Create new User Details records for your location.

Expire User Details records.

Search for incoming and outgoing requests.

Manage incoming and outgoing requests.

Edit the Location record for your own organization.

Run Reports.


 Staff users can only access administrative functions for their own location. User Details records from other locations cannot be viewed. It is not possible to edit another location’s User Details records.   

Tip: when creating an ILL request on behalf of an end user, the ILL Administrator can check from the request record, whether or not the user is valid.

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[Doc#: 1020 - About Users] 




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