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Searching for User Details





In order to view details of a user record at your location you need to search and identify the record.

To Find a User

To obtain a user record you need to know either the barcode, email address, user category or surname.

1.Click the user button in the left-hand menu pane to display the User Search screen.

2.Select your search criteria from Search pull down box.

3.In the for field enter your search terms into the free-text search box.

4.Select the appropriate radio button from the Match menu.

5.Once you have constructed your search, click the search button to display one or more users 

Match Settings

Exact retrieves records matching your search terms exactly, but is not case sensitive.

Any part retrieves matches including your search term in any part of the string.

First part retrieves matches including your search term at the beginning of the string.

Last part retrieves matches including your search term at the end of the string.


 If you set match to Any part and click the submit button without any search criteria this obtains all User records at your location.


If more than one user is retrieved they are displayed in a hit-list, potentially with options to view details, edit the record or expire the record.

Click the details button to view the User record in detail.  

Click the edit button if you wish to modify the User record.


If you have permission to edit a user record, the edit and expire buttons appear next to the user as well as the details button. If not, only the details button appears and the user record cannot be changed in any way as it is outside the jurisdiction of the ILL Administrator who is logged on. That could be because the record is for someone at a different location, or because it belongs to someone with a higher privilege setting. It is available for viewing only. If you have any queries about view-only records, please check with your own organization on local policy.

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[Doc#: 1021 - Searching for User Details]





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