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How to Add a User Record

1.Click on User  on the left-hand menu pane. 

2.This takes you to the User Search screen. Click on the Create button at the top of the screen.

3.This obtains a blank entry screen for you to enter details. See Field Details for help on specific fields.

4.On completion click Save. This returns you to the User Search screen.

 Address details can only be added after saving the user details entered so far. 

Barcode and Password

These are used to uniquely identify the user. They can include both alphabetic and numeric characters and can be in upper and lower case. Barcode is a required field. Note that the Password is case sensitive during the login process.

E-mail address  

VDX can be configured to email users regarding the status of their requests (If configured by OCLC NRE/VDX Support). To enable this feature users must have email details present in the user record.

Address Details


Use the User Search screen to obtain the user record you have just created (search via Barcode is most direct).


1.Click the Edit button.

2.When the User Details screen appears, a new address button is available.

3.Click this button to obtain a blank New Address form for the current user.

4.Select the appropriate type from the Address Type pull down box.

5.Complete the address details.

6.Click the save&close button to save the address. This also closes the New Address screen.

7.Alternatively click the save button to continue adding another address. Select a new Address Type for each address you add.

8.Once the form is complete, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.



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[Doc#: 1023 - Create New Users Details]





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