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Canceling a Request




You can cancel a request at any time until it has been received.

 The action of canceling a request does not necessarily mean that it will be canceled. The Cancel action simply causes the system to send a request to the current lender/responder Location to cancel the request. The lender/responder Location may decide to accept or reject the request to cancel. For example, it may already have shipped the item to you in between you entering the request and trying to cancel it. 


When the borrowing/requesting location uses the Cancel action, the status of the request becomes Cancel Pending until the lender/responder confirms cancellation. 

1.In the left hand menu pane click the Requests button.

2.Using the ILL Request Search screen to find the relevant request record.

3.Locate the item in the hit-list and use the drop down box to select the Cancel action.

4.Click the Action button. This displays the Cancel action screen.

5.Enter any notes in either the Public Note or the Private Note field.

6.Use the Cancel  button to save the changes.

Tip: It is possible to use the Cancel Action even while the request is still Pending - potentially before the Lender ( Responder) Location has even seen the request!

 You cannot cancel a request simply by deleting it. Deleting a request after it has been authorized is not a valid operation.

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