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Progress Requests Failing Validation




This section relates to new end user requests that have not passed all the required checks. If auto-rejection has not been set up and a request does not pass all the required checks, the Authorization Status is set to check manual. ILL Administrators should review each request and decide on the most appropriate course of action.

To search for requests failing validation

1.Click the requests button in the left hand menu pane to load the ILL Request Search screen.

2.In Your Library's role, set to Borrower (Requester).

3.Set the Authorization Status to check manual.

4.Click the search button. 

5.VDX displays a hit-list of items that require reviewing.

Note: As an alternative to searching for requests failing validation, user alerts can be configured by OCLC NRE/VDX Support to notify staff of requests going to 'check manual'. It is also possible to trigger alerts on the basis of the log message generated.   

To identify problems


Details of the problems encountered during validation are displayed in the notes field and Log Messages section of the full request details.

To progress requests:

1.Click on the Details button from the hit-list and scroll down to the Log Messages section.  

2.Once you have identified the problem, select REQUEST from the list of available actions and click on the Action button.  

3.Update the request as required.

4.Ensure that the Authorization Status is set to Authorized.  

5.Click on the Submit  button.

6.The request is then picked up by the relevant protocol driver and sent to the first location on the rota.

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[Doc#: 1053 - Progress Requests Failing Validation]





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